The purpose of MCF  is to provide an educational opportunity for children from the ages of three –to eighteen years of age within  Liberia and in refugee’s camp and its environs in Ghana West Africa. Funds provided will assist with the ability to obtain an education, by paying their school fees, supplies, and in some cases, food. I do not give money to parents. Money for school fees is paid directly to the school concern.

My precise goal is to rescue these vulnerable children and promising youth from the potential hazards and to provide them with an education and enabling a conducive environment where they can grow and make an informed decision on their lives in general so as to aid them in discovering and living life to its fullest.

In spite of the undeniable fact that children are the weakest, the most helpless and dependent and the most innocent of the entire human race, they have always been willfully denied the protection and other fundamental human rights they so deserve. The U.N refugee agencies (UNHCR) responsible for the survival and human right of refugee children, and young people globally, the UNICEF, UNESCO and other humanitarian agencies around, are all working hard to ensure the survival of refugees and young people and children everywhere and anywhere. But their effort is punctured by limitations in important resources such as time, space and finance. There is nowhere on earth where children and young people have had willful hands in the disaster to which they fall, victims. The war that killed over 250,000 in Liberia is symptomatic of the sub-Sahara Africa.  The combatants have not given thought to any of the tens of thousands of children that are left without father or mother by their conduct. Giving the fact that children and young people are at the growing points and hope for every family, community, nations and all adults have the moral obligation to ensure at all time, and in an indiscriminate manner the survival of human rights of children. This is only possible if the instrument of change for the better, in the situation of children and young people especially those in sub-Sahara Africa are put in place and supported wholeheartedly and fully by all including organizations.

Matthew Cares Organization is one appropriate 21st-century instrument of change for the betterment of children and refugees.

The children and refugees, when assisted, will develop the ability to be empowered through education to help themselves and their families in the future. Your gifts will also assist children who are not refugees but his or her parents are in extreme poverty and in need of education.

Those assisted will largely be the underprivileged, disabled, refugees and the vulnerable children.

As Nelson Mandela once said; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”    

If our communities and societies are to be a better place tomorrow the time is now to open the school door for them providing a better future for tomorrow.

We also remember the widows, single mothers and the elderly who needs food and medication to survive on daily basis. You are welcome to donate to help a child in school